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Surprising Saints: Martin of Tours - 11th November

11 November 2021

An extraordinary innovator, Martin was a soldier like St George.

Surprising Saints: St Francis of Assisi - 4th October

4 October 2021

St Francis of Assisi, often regarded as the most extraordinary saint of the western world.

Surprising Saints: Hildegard of Bingen - 17th September

17 September 2021

Hildegard, a great figure of the Middle Ages. Nun, scientist, writer, visionary and musician

Maxamilian Kolbe

Surprising Saints: Maxamilian Kolbe - 14th August

14 August 2021

The Dean of Chelmsford, Nicholas Henshall, reflects on this very modern saint. Polish by birth, Maximilian joined a Franciscan order where he wrote and published

Surprising Saints: Margaret of Antioch - 20th July

20 July 2021

The Dean of Chelmsford, Nicholas Henshall, tells the surprising story of Margaret of Antioch. Patron Saint of childbirth; the show Call the Midwife is dedicated to her.

Surprising Saints: St Christopher Doghead - 25th June

25 June 2021

The story of St Christopher, protector of travellers is a well-known one, but here the Dean of Chelmsford, Nicholas Henshall, reveals why he is also known as St Christopher Doghead.

Surprising Saints: Julian of Norwich - 8th May

8 May 2021

Julian of Norwich, a surprising saint who is relevant to our time.

Surprising Saints: St George - 23rd April

23 April 2021

Journey with the Dean of Chelmsford, Nicholas Henshall, as he reveals some surprising facts about some of our well-known and not so well-known saints.