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Cycle Relay Reaches Chelmsford

The team riding the entire 2,000 mile route connecting all 42 cathedrals, arrived in Chelmsford last weekend.

On Saturday, the team from Bury St Edmunds were greeted by the Dean, the Very Revd Nicholas Henshall. He received the baton and placed it on the altar in front of the candle which had been burning during their journey.  On Sunday morning before the service, the riders gathered again for the next leg of the journey to St Albans.  They were joined by members of the Cathedral's congregation.  Just before the start of the service, they came into the Cathedral where Bishop Guli prayed for a safe journey and blessed the riders.  As they rode out of the Cathedral, they were encouraged on their way by the congregation.  Probably the youngest rider to take part in the relay was five-year old John.  He was thrilled to hold the baton and to be able to ride his bike in the Cathedral!  He and his parents set off with the other riders and cycled the first five miles to Writtle.  Their ride from the Cathedral was livestreamed before the service and you can watch them here!

Congratulations to all who took part in this special relay.

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