Crime Deviance Day

Crime and Deviance Day at Chelmsford Cathedral

Chelmsford Cathedral recently hosted a Crime and Deviance 6th form conference.

Throughout the day, students considered and discussed crime in many different forms from mass murderers, to acts which led to environmental and financial disasters affecting millions of people.  
Talks from a range of speakers allowed the students to consider a variety of careers post 6th form.  There were respresentatives from Essex Police, the University of Kent, a coroner and a forensic psychologist.

Students looked at the system of imprisonment from the media and public perception and how prisons look in other countries.  

There followed a presentation on domestic abuse including the role of schools, the state and the media in reducing domestic violence.

Students particularly enjoyed hearing about a variety of career paths open to them and a drama presentation.

Chelmsford Cathedral hosts 6th form conferences each year and if you would like more information, please contact Canon Ivor Moody.

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