How are you How are you

The Dean’s Big Conversation

An invitation from the Dean

As a congregation and a community, we are beginning a big conversation about the shape of the future. That’s going to work in several stages, and it has become very clear from conversations over recent weeks that the first part is a very simple invitation – to come together and share our stories of the last 18 months. To ask one another “how are you?”

For so many of us, not being able to gather, alongside the heightened background stress that all of us have been living with, has been a challenging burden – whilst also recognising that we have all had different experiences.  So, as we begin to explore the next stage of our journey together as a Christian community, I am inviting us to gather to reflect on how it has been and how that will shape the future.

In hope and expectation that the government roadmap will go ahead as planned, we are planning a series of social events to which all are welcome:

Every Sunday from 23rd May Bring your own cup for coffee after the Sunday service.
Friday 25th June, 6-8pm An evening party in Guy Harlings Garden (to help with planning, please email Canon Imogen Nay if you are able to come).
Sunday 27th June A bring your own picnic after Junior Church, in Guy Harlings garden.
Saturday 10th July at 10.30am Saturday morning coffee in Guy Harlings garden.
Saturday 17th July at 10.30am Saturday morning coffee in Guy Harlings garden.
Sunday 18th July Afternoon tea after Muddy Church in Guy Harlings garden.
12th, 19th and 26th of August After the Thursday morning Communion service (10.30am)

This is the first stage of our big conversation. In the following stage we will be asking “where are we going? “what is God calling us to do and to be as we emerge into a new landscape?” “what should our pattern of worship look like?” “how do we seek to serve and work with Bishop Guli as she begins her ministry among us?”There will be a range of further events as we move forward.

This is all part of a listening process, open to everyone, and a great opportunity for everyone to play a part in shaping the future.  You are invited to fill in a Cathedral consultation questionnaire. We encourage as many people as possible to fill in the form. If you need a paper copy, please contact Clare Broome tel: 01245 294498.. The information will be used to help plan and inform The Big Conversation. Please click on the link here.