Happy Publication Day to Canon Ivor

Congratulations to Canon Ivor whose new book, 'Six More Songs: Further Reflections on Faith and Rock'n Roll' is published today. 

In 2017 Canon Ivor's first book ‘Songs for the Soul’ took six globally known, iconic but secular pop songs and argued that embedded within them was the potential for a fresh, innovative medium- a lens- to help people re-focus on how faith and spirituality might be discovered, nestling within the secular. (The book is due to be re-printed in November 2023, but copies are currently available by email: ivor.moody@chelmsfordcathedral.org.uk)

In this sequel, ‘Six More Songs’, Canon Ivor continues that quest. He argues that urgently we need different signs and symbols for a generation tired of or unused to the traditional rituals and expressions of faith and belief, to help us realise afresh the message and the relevance of the Christian Gospel for the church and society today.

Here are stories of a priest and a parishioner presented by Lennon and McCartney who feel crippled by their loneliness; Billy Joel in an autobiographical song singing about a musician  who has ended up in a dead-end bar with others who need to blot out life for a little while; a community experienced by David Bowie living with division and repression; a dying soldier, a brother in arms, envisaged in music by Dire Straits; in another autobiographical statement Peter Gabriel expressing in music and poetry a kind of epiphany and Thirteen Senses singing from the heart about  people living with mental illness.

Each song connects us to something in our own story. Songs which have been with us for years and which thread through our lives, but which could provide those new signs and symbols which will be able to inform and enrich our approach to faith and its importance for our living.

‘Six More Songs’ is a book of further reflections on what it means to undertake a journey of faith. It is a record of life stories and encounters which are common to all of us and make up our common experience of travelling together, and an examination of how we might interpret these happenings through the ‘lens’ of faith and belief.

Surrounded by a society seemingly immersed in an ever-increasing secularism Ivor takes six more famous, trans-generational secular songs, and sees how we might use them to throw new light on the scriptures, faith and church; it is an exploration of new ways to deepen our Christian understanding, not by turning our backs on secularism but embracing it, to see how modern ‘soundbites’ can throw fresh light on ancient truths.

Ivor has been Vice Dean and Canon Pastor of Chelmsford Cathedral since 2010.  He is also Chair of the Mid-Essex Inter Faith Forum, the Essex Faith Covenant and Chair of Essex Mind and Spirit, a community voluntary organisation which seeks to promote positive relationships between faith and spirituality and mental health issues, and to challenge the stigma which often surrounds mental health.  He is also Chaplain to the Essex County Council.

The book is available for pre-order on Amazon. It is being launched internationally on August 18th, and at Chelmsford Cathedral on Wednesday 20th September at 7pm.

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