Chelmsford Cathedral Visitation Update

In November, we confirmed that the forthcoming Visitation at Chelmsford Cathedral will take place between 20 January and 25 January, as well as details of the Commissaries who will lead the Visitation.
Today, Bishop Guli has commissioned the Commissaries and issued the Articles for the Visitation, which outline what will be considered during the Visitation. This includes a list of questions that are specifically for the Chapter. Interviewees will be asked a broader range of questions relevant to their relationship with the Cathedral and will have the opportunity to share their own views and experiences.

You can read the Citation and Articles for the Visitation and the Commission to the Commissaries by clicking on the links below.

Citation and Articles for the Visitation

Commission to the Commissaries

Further information

Commissaries announcement and further information

Visitation announcement and background information 

Visitation Privacy Notice

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