Chains for Change

The COP26 conference may be over, but children from local primary schools have shown that world leaders could learn a thing or two from them!

Throughout the two weeks of the conference on climate change, Chelmsford Cathedral encouraged children from local primary schools to commit to making small changes to save the planet, that added together could make a big difference to helping stop the climate crisis.

And what a response we had!  Over 800 children, as well as many visitors to the Cathedral, wrote or drew their ideas. The ‘Chains for Change’ now stretch 50 metres, that’s the same as the whole length of the Cathedral, and as tall as Nelson’s Column! We’ve enjoyed reading every one and they have given us lots of ideas to try both in the Cathedral and at home too and they are now on display for everyone to see. 

Head teacher of Birch Primary who is also an Associate Priest at the Cathedral, The Revd Kate Moore said about the initiative; “we were thrilled to take part in this project.  Children focused really hard on what they personally could do to make a difference.  As a school, we are working towards our eco-school award and have recycling bins in all our classrooms.  So the children are really engaged in this as an issue for themselves and their future”.  Other schools that took part included The Bishop’s C of E & RC primary, Little Waltham C of E primary and the Cathedral School in Chelmsford.

Pledges have included making sure lights are turned off when there is no one in the room and to spend less time on computer games and more time outside.  One child also nominated their brother for this pledge!  The children also showed that they are green fingered with lots of pledges to plant trees, grow plants in their garden that encourage bees and other insects.  Some children pledged to grow more vegetables, encouraged by the time spent in their school garden.  Children also thought about how they travelled with pledges to walk, cycle and scooter more to school.

Last month Chelmsford Cathedral was awarded a Gold Eco Church Award from A Rocha, a Christian environmental charity, becoming just the second cathedral to achieve the award.  Do look at the Cathedral website where we have shared some of the pledges and initiatives we have received.  And there is more on our Facebook page @chelmsfordcathedral

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