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A personal appraisal of the Church of England - Jeremy Paxman

Jeremy Paxman has been working on a major personal appraisal of the Church of England for the FT weekend magazine (which appeared last month).

It is a 3,500-plus word personal essay taking as its starting point the usual concerns about declining numbers and arguments over sexuality but making a serious attempt to engage with and recognise what the church across the country is doing in communities and its impact on individuals’ lives.

The article is the product of 12 separate interviews conducted at Church House and Lambeth Palace over several days earlier this summer and visits to parishes.

Paxman, in this highly personal piece, presents a mixed picture: Setting out his stall as a convinced atheist, he is far from uncritical of aspects of the CofE but also shines a light on growth and evangelism, of which his readers may not be aware, across the broad spectrum of the CofE; the power of digital ministry and is particularly helpful on the balancing act between the CofE’s role in England and the wider Communion. He describes the Church as having woken up to its ‘existential crisis’  and concludes ‘only an ignoramus would deny the importance of the Church’.

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