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Growing in Faith

Soul Food. We are intricate and delicate beings, we need food and water to survive, but we need soul food to really be alive.  Canon Imogen sends out weekly soul-food, with thoughts, prayers, articles and more about the Christian faith. If you would like to subscribe, please sign up today.  It's simple to do and you can unsubscribe at any time.


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Lammastide - Giving thanks for our daily bread


Growing in Faith

Glorious God,
your generosity floods the world with goodness
and you shower creation with abundance.
Awaken in us a hunger for food to satisfy both body and heart,
that in the miracle of being fed
we may be empowered to feed the hungry in Jesus' name. Amen.




Breakfast with the Bible will continue on zoom in September.  Click on the page link for details.


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Meaning- Making

Telling our Stories in the conviction that you are a story too.

Barack Obama said: ‘whatever else human beings are, they are stories’. In July 2020, out of a conviction that how we shape our stories of 2020 really matters to the wellbeing of individuals, churches and society, Imogen Nay and Andy Griffiths started having some short conversations.

Imogen Nay and Andy Griffiths in conversation, reflecting together on their stories of lockdown. 

Episode 1 - Telling our stories, our responses and inspiration at the start of lockdown.

Episode 2 - Telling our stories, what did we start during lockdown and how do we remember?

Episode 3 - Telling our stories, not an exile but an exodus.  How lockdown has shown us a new way of doing things.

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