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Fellowship Groups

Friends with Jesus, friends with one another.

Fellowship Groups start again in September and you are warmly invited to join one.

If you would like further details, please email Canon Imogen Nay.  Fellowship Groups run at different times and on different days of the week and are an opportunity to really get to know, and support, other members of the congregation. 

Below, two fellowship group leaders Paul and Sue, share their thoughts. 

Details of groups will be availble here throughout the Summer as details of all the Fellowship Groups are updated.

There is Hope

The Wednesday Evening Fellowship Group - Autumn 2021.

The group meets fortnightly and the dates for the Autumn are 15 & 29 September; 13 & 27 October; 10 & 24 November; and 8 December.  The theme is ‘There is Hope’.  In a world where hope is in short supply we shall see afresh that Christian hope is not a whistling in the dark, but is sure and certain.

We will therefore look at some of the key Bible passages which deal with hope of life beyond death: for example John 11.1-44 Jesus offers life to all; John 14.1-14 Jesus calls us to place our hope in him and 1 Cor 15 Jesus, not death, will have the last word.  Other passages include  2 Tim 4.6-8 Homeward bound; 1 Pet 1.3-9 We have a living hope; and Rev 22.1-6 God will make all things new.

The group meets by Zoom. The meeting opens at 7.15 pm and starts at 7.30 pm normally finishing around 9 pm.  We have discovered that Zoom not only saves on travel, but also offers an unusual sense of intimacy through the break-out groups.

Currently we have some fifteen active members. New members are always very welcome. Please contact Paul via email for more details and for joining instructions.

Paul has also recorded a few words on Fellowships Groups.

Sue Hawkings runs a Thursday evening group via zoom, for more details email Sue.

In September, the group will be continuing to look at the book of Acts and anyone is welcome to join the group as they study the early Christian Church together. 

Sue has also recorded a short clip on how she became involved in Fellowship Groups. 

Another group, hosted by Peter Dilley, is back on ‘Zoom’, on Tuesdays at 7.30pm.  
Peter will lead the first session on ‘Comfortable Words’(Isaiah 50; 4-9). 

The remainder of the Autumn will be a series based on the film ‘The Way’ (available on DVD or Netflix) and relevant Biblical material, using the book ‘The Long Road To Heaven’, by Tim Heaton (Circle Books), which is widely available new/secondhand (cover price £7.99, but often cheaper).

If you would like to join the group, please contact Canon Imogen Nay.
(right: some of Peter's fellowship group)

Gervase and Susan have also started a new fellowship group in their house on Wednesdays at 2pm.  Again, please contact Canon Imogen Nay for details.