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Chelmsford Cathedral is still here and there is much we are doing to help you at this time. 

As many people are self-isolating and we are all required to socially distance, we, as a Church, want to reassure the community that they are not forgotten.  So this page is for everyone who wants to access sermons, morning and evening prayer, readings and prayers, all in one place.  Some of this is already on our website but it is now available from one page. 

If you have a pastoral need or prayer request, please email the Canon Pastor

This page will be regularly updated so please check each day for prayers, thoughts and other useful links. 

Our weekly emails:

Click here for the newssheet for Sunday 7th June 2020

The Dean's letter - 30th May 2020 and as a video file

This week is Volunteers' week:  We would like to say thank you to our volunteers who play such a vital role in the life of the Cathedral.  We look forward to welcoming you back once the Cathedral has re-opened.  If you would like to volunteer with us in the future, Laura Dolton can put you in touch with Ann Bell, our Volunteer Manager.


What's new ... 

Canon Ivor Moody shares his thoughts on staying positive.

Newssheet for 31st May 2020 (above)

The Dean's letter for 30th May (above)

Canon Alison Kennedy - introduces a new hymn, Come Holy Ghost.

The Dean's interview with Chelmsford Community Radio.  If you missed the Dean of Chelmsford chatting about Church at Home and online worship, you can listen back to it now.

There are some more create and colour ideas on our Junior Church page.

Help and support for those with dementia.  Scroll down to pastoral support.

Live Streaming our services:

Watch via Face Book:

Morning Prayer 7.45am and Evening Prayer 5.15pm are live-streamed via FaceBook.  Click here to join in.  On Sunday mornings a Eucharist is live streamed at 10.30am. You can watch Live without joining Facebook- just click 'not now' when they ask you to sign in. 

Watch via YouTube:

Once they have been livestreamed they are uploaded to our YouTube Channel and can be watched here. You will find all services that have been livestreamed over the last month.

Click on the day to find the Order for Morning and Evening Prayer throughout Ordinary Time: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Find the order for Morning and Evening Prayer for the Visit of Mary to Elizabeth here.

You can view or download the order for Morning and Evening Prayer for Ascension until Pentecost here.

You can view or download the order for Morning and Evening Prayer for the Day of Pentecost here.

Morning Prayer Wednesday 3rd June

Evening Prayer Tuesday 2nd June

Sunday 10.30am Eucharist for Sunday 31st May with The Very Revd Nicholas Henshall.

Click here  to view or download the order of service.

Night Prayer:

From Monday 27th April, a simple meditative service, Night Prayer or Compline, will be live streamed at 8.15pm.  This can be accessed from the Cathedral's Church at Home FaceBook page.

Click here to listen to the latest service.

Simple said services for use throughout the year: Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


Canon Ivor reflects on staying positive - with a little help from Eeyore:

This is Eeyore. He sits on my desk at home and regularly he reminds me not to be such a misery guts. Actually, I don't think I am really. Most of the time I am on a fairly even keel, and I like to think of myself as a realist even if often it takes me a while to get there. But if you were to force me off the fence, I'd say I veered more towards being a glass half empty person. The person who bought it for me years ago certainly would agree!

It's a great gift to be able to think positively, not only because it's good for your mental health, but because then it helps you to help others with their mental health. Not a false jollity or an unrealistic, untruthful view of life, but a measured assessment that things are not all bad, and very, very rarely do our worst imaginings become real.

Eeyore reminds me of myself from time to time, and how I might be able to look at things differently - to re-assess the situation and to take a more balanced view. It's about gaining a different perspective, about being able to move from the 'loss' of The Ascension to the 'gain' of Pentecost and being able to 'adjust' to the absence of Jesus in new ways. It's about looking at stuff like the birds of the air, the lilies of the field, the grass, the trees, bread and wine, and realising that beyond the ordinary, taken for granted things that they are, they have another, unseen and glorious dimension.


Hymn of the Week:

Join Canon Alison Kennedy each week as she looks at a particular hymn.  This week’s hymn is an ancient prayer of invitation to the Holy Spirit with a timeless plainsong melody.  It speaks to Alison as it reminds her  that whenever she sings this beautiful and timeless prayer, she feels that she is in the company of all the saints and angels who are continually worshipping around God’s throne. 

This week: Come Holy Ghost.

To listen to the hymn, please click here

And as an anthem.


Family Five Minutes: 


Create a small ‘sacred space’ to use as a family


Agree together what to put on the table or into the space, then sit together.

On Sunday we will celebrate Pentecost and the gift of the power of the Holy Spirit to the whole world.

Imagine the Holy Spirit spreading to all the corners of the earth. Spreading the gifts of love and forgiveness and hope to every person.

Talk together about your hopes for the future, what you are all looking forward to and perhaps the hope you can bring to others.

Enjoy each other’s company for just five minutes.

Either carefully pack your sacred space away or leave it for your family to spend time with during the week.


Exploring Faith:

A five minute video clip from ordinand Gary Fleming: Gary continues his five minute reflections on the Eucharist service.  This week Gary reflects on  Covenant - the agreement we enter with God.




As part of our Exploring Faith series, Revd Jackie-Dee Thornton , Chaplain at Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford reflects on 'Comparison is the thief of joy': Surviving Lockdown. 




Plus a Children and Family Newsletter is sent out each week with ideas for Junior Church At Home and much more please subscribe here to be part of the family. 

Breakfast with the Bible is not meeting, but all the study material can be found here. At the moment we are looking at The Stations of the Resurrection. 

Canon Imogen is also running a series called 'Finding Faith' - to hear people tell their faith stories - visit our You Tube Channel. 

To listen to Canon Imogen's podcasts and reflections, please click here.

There are sermons from previous weeks in the Exploring Faith section of the website.  Or go to our YouTube channel where all live-streamed services have been uploaded.


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Pastoral Support:

If you are self-isolating and a member of our Cathedral congregation, please let us know by emailing or calling Marion Palmer, Dean's PA or by phone: 01245 294497.  Leave a voicemail message when prompted to do so and that message will appear as an email which Marion will be able to check from home and contact the right person on your behalf.

The effects of mental health problems are huge, and given the challenging times we are living in with coronavirus, it's more important than ever that we take steps to support good mental health.  The Church of England has updated its mental health reflections booklet with new material to provide hope, reassurance and comfort, called 13 Daily Reflections.  To view or download the pdf, please click here.


There is information about coronavirus, faith and bereavement support on the Essex County Council website.  For advice, please click here.


There is now a free number especially for people who cannot get on-line.  It is  0800 804 8044. You can listen to a message from the Archbishop of Canterbury and then there is the option to choose to listen to hymns, prayers and reflections.   It's aimed at those without access to online worship so if you know anyone who would like to use this service, please give them a call and let them know.


The Chelmsford YMCA is offering new support, accessible to all and free of charge including family support, early years online, housing and welfare benefits.  Click here for further details.




Dementia Friendly Communities.  The Cathedral is pleased to be working with local groups and organisations to be a dementia friendly community.  Please click on the links that follow where you will find help and support.  This is especially important as people with dementia are partticularly vulnerable at this time.

If you have access to Face Book there is a Dementia Friendly Communities Face Book group.  Please click here.

The Alzheimer’s Society (Essex) is also available to offer help and suppprt: Tel: 01245-260911 (open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm)


The National Alzheimer’s Society also has a telephone support line: tel: 0333 150 3456 which is open Monday to Wednesday 9am – 8pm, Thursday and Friday 9am – 5pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am – 4pm.  Calls are  charged at standard local rate.

There are Dementia Friends sessions online.

The Alzheimer’s Society produces a number of factsheets. General Factsheets as well as factsheets for faith groups. There is also a special support page for people affected by dementia and coronavirus.


Supporting the Cathedral: 

On-line giving is now available.  If you would like to make a donation to the Cathedral, please click here.  You can give a one-off set amount or choose your own figure.  There is also the option to Gift Aid your donation at no extra cost to you.  Thank you for your support.

Regular donations are enormously helpful to keep the mission and ministry of the Cathedral going even in this very different form. Many in the Cathedral give by direct debit through the Parish Giving Scheme, which passes on the full amount of the gift and relevant Gift Aid at no cost to us. It is easy to set up a regular donation by ringing the PGS on 0333 002 1271. They will ask for our parish code which is 080608001.


Staying in touch:

If you would like to stay in touch with us by receiving our newssheet please email


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