Cathedral tower

Annual Meeting 2022

The Annual Meeting took place on Saturday, 14th May 2022 in the Cathedral. 


The primary business of the meeting was to receive the Annual Report and Accounts alongside other reports, and to elect wardens and representatives to the Deanery Synod. 

All documents are on display in the Cathedral for two weeks prior to the meeting.

To read the financial report, please click here.

The signed accounts are available here to read.

  • Becoming a Member of the Cathedral

    Joining the Electoral Roll.

    The Electoral Roll is the register of those who worship regularly at the Cathedral. 

    Membership allows you to be heard at Parish, deanery, diocese and national level and to vote at Annual Meetings. .  The roll is reviewed every year ahead of the annual meeting.  If you are currently a member, you do not need to do anything.  If you would like to become a member please email Ann Bell our Electoral Roll Officer. Or you can download an application form here.