Chelmsford Cathedral
2020 Year of Pilgrimage


2020 is part of the Association of English Cathedrals Year of Cathedrals and the Year of Pilgrimage. 

Each Cathedral in the country has been given a route and pilgrim passports can be purchased at every Cathedral with visitors collecting a stamp at each.  Ours are available from the Cathedral book stall.  Our pilgrimage route has been tested by Cathedral staff on a very wet and windy March day.  It starts at Pleshey Retreat Centre and is a combination of paths along the Essex Way and some tarmac path walking.  Th Pilgrimage Trust state the route is 6.5 miles but it is actually 8.5 miles! If you want to make the route slightly shorter, you can go directly to the Cathedral along New Street. 

We've made a video of the whole pilgrimage. Click here to get a feel for the route although hopefully it will have dried out a bit by the Summer!  We are hoping to write some instructions shortly, to make following the walk even simpler!


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