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2014 Lectures: ‘Different Denominations - Distinctive Theologies’

The lecture series explored the theological distinctiveness of nine different Christian denominations, looking at how these characteristics have contributed to church and secular history, and the ways in which a human understanding of God has been shaped. Nine different speakers spoke about their area of specialist knowledge. To listen again to the lectures visit our YouTube channel by clicking on the blue titles below.


15 January      Revd Dr Paul Beasley-Murray      The Baptists
12 February   Sub-Deacon John Anderson   The Orthodox Church
19 March   Julia Bush  

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers in Britain)

30 April   Revd Dr Jonathan Hustler   The Methodist Church
21 May   John Mumford   The Vineyard Association of Churches
18 June   Fr Hugh Allan   The Roman Catholic Church
16 July   Revd Andy Griffiths   The Moravian Church
17 September   Revd Dr James Harding   The Plymouth Brethren
22 October   Revd Professor Mark Chapman   The Church of England


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