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Mission Partnerships

On the first Sunday of every month, a special collection (Blue envelope) is taken at Cathedral services to support our Mission Partnership. Currently, we are supporting two main areas of work.

One of these is in Swaziland where Andrew and Rosemary Symonds, mission partners from our own congregation, are developing training for clergy and lay people.

USPG Ireland is the Church of Ireland at work in the world. We believe faith must mean action.

Swaiziland is a small, landlocked country, nestling between South Africa and Mozambique.  It is home to approximately one million people. About 75% of the population are farmers.There you will find people of faith, an active church, great poverty, and the highest HIV infection rate in the world, cutting down young and old, devasting families.

Andrew Symonds is the Director of Development for the Diocese of Swaziland. His wife Rosemary assists with administartion and in many practical ways. Together they are USPG Ireland eyes, ears, hands and feet in the country.

"The people of Swaziland are warm and welcoming, but so desperatley in need. Ravaged by poverty and HIV, its the children who touch us most. All too often they take on responsibility of running the home, or fending for themselves, because in a country where the average life expectancy is just 32 years, there is often nobody else to care for them.

Working for the Dicocese of Swaziland, we are determinded to help people of Swaziland to help themselves. we hope and pray that when you feel moved to help them.

Andrew and Rosemary Symonds USPG Ireland Partners in Swaziland.

The second project is a medical centre in Embu in Kenya, which is being planned by the congregation of Embu Cathedral - a Church that has been linked with Chelmsford for over twenty years.

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