Thy Kingdom Come 2024

Thy Kingdom Come is an invitation for individuals, families and churches to pray together and is a worldwide prayer movement that happens each year between Ascension Day and Pentecost Sunday.

When Jesus spoke to his disciples before ascending to heaven he promised them ‘… you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be my witnesses … to the ends of the earth.’ (Acts 1:8)

Those first followers responded to this promise by constantly devoting themselves to prayer (Acts 1:14), day after day, until the Holy Spirit came upon them in power.

We too can set these days apart to pray, individually and together, for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit. 

The Cathedral will be hosting a number of creative prayer stations for you to explore the themes of Thy Kingdom Come and offer your prayers for more people to come to know Jesus. Whether you have joined in Thy Kingdom Come before or not, we invite you to take part. 

  • Prayer stations in St Peter's Chapel

    The Family Tree

    Pray for family and friends to come to know Jesus by adding their names to the family olive tree.

    The Sorry Bin

    Reflecting on Psalm 139: 23-24 write down the things you want to ask for forgiveness for. As a symbol of the Lord's grace and forgiveness, finish by throwing the paper in the bin.


  • Prayer Stations in St Cedd's Chapel

    In A Spin

    Think about people you know who need the light of the Holy Spirit to shine on them. Write their names in the spiral and take a moment to pray for each one as it spins.

    Good Neighbours

    Drop a feather on the map of Chelmsford and say a prayer for the people who live and work where it lands. Stick a dove to the map so the people that live and work there know you have prayed for them. 

  • Prayer Stations on the Mildmay Chapel

    Thy Kingdom Come asks you to pray regularly for five friends from Ascension Day and Pentecost Sunday.

    In the Mildmay Chapel you will find five simple prayer promtps to help you with your commitment to pray for them regularly.

    Loving Father,

    in the face of Jesus Christ

    your light and glory have blazed forth.

    Send your Holy Spirit that I may share with my friends

    [name your friends here]

    the life of your Son and your love for all.

    Strengthen me as a witness to that love

    as I pledge to pray for them,

    for your name's sake. Amen. 

  • Prayer Stations in the North Aisle for children

    Create a prayer chain

    Write the names of people you want to pray for the coloured strips of paper. Stick the strips together to form a chain and add it to the display.

    Lego prayer towers

    With each piece of Lego you add to the towers say a prayer for each member of your family and your friends.

You can find lots of other resources to help you during Thy Kingdom Come on their website.

Thy Kingdom come website link

Download the Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Journal