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Junior Church

Christian education is an important part of what we do. Our Junior Church is there to support younger followers of the Christian Faith and their parents. The Junior Church runs on most Sundays during term time in the Chapter House.

Junior Church is currently taking a Summer break.

Programme for Autumn Term 2017

10 September - Feast of St Mary

17 September - Feast of Holy Cross Day

24 September - Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard

1 October - Harvest Thanksgiving Parade Service in the Cathedral (no Junior Church)

8 October - Mission Weekend worshipping at other Churches (no Junior Church)

15 October - Parable of the Wedding Feast

22 and 29 October - half term break - (no Junior Church)

5 November - All Saints' Sunday

12 November - Parable of the Wise and Foolish Bridesmaids

19 November - Parable of the Talents

26 November - Feast of Christ the King

3 December - Advent Parade Service in the Cathedral (no Junior Church)

10 December - Special Junior Church Communion Service in St Cedd's Hall, led by Canon Ivor Moody (Junior Church will run a little longer this morning)

17 December - The Christmas Story


For more information please contact Jo Themistocleous:

What we do

All children and adults at Junior Church join everyone in the cathedral for the Parish Communion. The children attending Infants and Juniors are first dropped off in the Chapter House and then taken to the Cathedral by the helpers. Usually everyone then stays together in the Cathedral for the remainder of the service except at some special occasions when we remain in the Chapter House. On church parade Sundays there is no Junior Church and we hope that the whole family will gather together in the cathedral at 9.30am.

How to join

Children are welcome to visit, before starting, to familiarise themselves with the Junior Church and its leaders and helpers. All denominations are welcome and children do not have to be baptised. All of our leaders and helpers undergo a DBS disclosure procedure and are offered child protection training. We do all we can to make children welcome at Junior Church. Please get in touch if you have any questions or wish to discuss any additional needs your child may have.

We need parents to complete a registration form for each child attending Junior Church. Please return completed forms to the Cathedral Office or bring it with you to Junior Church. Parents of children in the Crèche and Pre-school are asked to collect their child from the Chapter House as children attending these groups must be signed in and out.

Recent activities

Sunday 6 December: 2nd Sunday of Advent. Luke 3vv1-6

The young people explored how graffiti can be a modern, powerful prophetic symbol to point out injustice and inequality. We looked at some of the graffiti that adorned the Berlin Wall, and also the Palestinian Wall which bears many artistic creations by the famous graffiti artist Banksy, subverting everything that the walls stood for.

We then looked at the figure and message of John the Baptist, whose appearance and proclamation had similar graffiti-like qualities, because what he proclaimed was challenging and counter-cultural, requiring that people change their behaviours and outlook, and prepare to receive a new teaching summoning them to justice and love.

The young people then  created their own graffiti ‘wall’, containing both John the Baptist’s message ‘Prepare the way of the Lord’, and some of their own messages to a torn and divided world”








Junior Church on Sunday 28 June.

In Infants the theme was 'the Church is like a body'. We played the game of 'misfits' and discussed how important each part of our body is.  We then did this activity, where each child drew a head, folded it over and passed it on, then the next child drew a body, then the next drew legs. Their individual versions was a wonderful illustration of the topic, how we are all different but important in the church.   




Junior Church on Sunday 14 June.

Junior Church at Chelmsford Cathedral engaged some of our young people in preparation for Refugee Week; 15 - 21 June.

We looked at what being a refugee means and what makes a refugee, including being a victim of war, racism and persecution, poverty, sickness and gender.

The young people read through the story of the ten lepers (Luke 17v11-19) and tried to identify why this story might be one about refugee status.

Then they looked through some pictures of refugees in the world today and stuck them on a long and winding road leading from 'Danger' to 'Safety'.







On Sunday 17 May some of the Junior Church young people constructed a ‘prayer lattice’ based on John 17v11: ‘Holy Father keep them safe by the power of your name, the name you gave me, so that they may be one just as you and I are one’. They filled in a series of prayer cards, first for themselves and then radiating out to family/friends, countries/nationalities, different faiths and finally things in the world which divide and enslave us.  The cards were linked ‘lattice style’ by lollipop sticks to create a prayer wall, to reflect Christ’s prayer for unity, showing that when we pray, we pray for people and with people. The centre of the lattice from which all the other prayers spread out was a prayer which the children said at the end of the exercise, reflecting the verse from St.John’s Gospel”. 










On May 10 the Juniors group topic was 'Abide with me'.  They gave some thoughtful suggestions on 'how do you know when you are loved' which they wrote themselves on a poster.


The theme for the Infants last week at Junior Church was 'light'  and they used the parable of the lamp. 

Click here for a plan of the session.

“On Holy Saturday (4 April) 60+ families met up in Guy Harlings garden for an Easter Egg Treasure Hunt! 150 wooden holding crosses, each with an Easter egg taped to them, were hidden in the grounds (and three of the clergy’s gardens!) and 45 minutes later all but 7 had been found!

All the crosses also had a word attached drawn from the story of Christ’s Passion, Death and Resurrection. Everybody then went into the Cathedral, where Canon Edward Carter led a little Easter service, when all the crosses were laid on the Cathedral floor lattice style, creating a ‘collage’ of words which built up a picture of what happened to Jesus on the first Easter.

Then it was back to Guy Harlings garden for a delicious BBQ cooked by one of the dads, Ben Burton-Soriano, and a heady assortment of cakes brought by many others who had come to enjoy the day!”








“Just before Easter the Junior Church Juniors looked at a story in St. Johns Gospel when some Greeks approached Philip, one of Jesus’ disciples, with a request that they wanted to see Jesus (John 12vv20ff).

 The children explored how, through praying for people, we might today bring Jesus closer to people, and how they might see him working in their lives.

They created this cross collage, using simple prayers to reflect what they thought were the situations and needs of the various people in the photographs. They carried the cross into the Cathedral at the 9.30am Eucharist, where the cross was then left on display.”

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